Adams 4x110 inline skate frames

dams New 7000 series aircraft aluminum frames .  Now in 4x110 and 4x100 versions.

From the same great quality put into our Adams Black ball ceramic bearings, comes Adams new CNC'd inline skate frames.

With the thickest boot mounting pads on the market, Very strong on top produces strength throughout the frame. Tapered edges produce extra strength and weight reduction. Bridge like construction adds to the over strength, while paying attention of light weight. Front wheel mount very ridged. week front mounts  major issue on most frames, but not here.


Plenty of CNC work around bearings mounting pads gives strength and no rubbing even during a sprint.


Build for marathon or short track this frame will provide plenty of strength in any corner, or any sprint.



Adams 4x110 195mm,

13.6 inches long, 235 grams (8.25 OZ)


Video on frames: