Adams Black Ball Ceramics bearings



Adams inline Ceramics size 608 , Black Ball.

Cost is $8 per bearing.

NEW ceramic black ball in stock. A bit faster  harder ceramic compound. Better accuracy means better glide. 

Solid Ceramics bearings frame Adam's Inline. These full Ceramic bearings are now the top choice for both race and rec. The speed and long durability make them a perfect match for speed skaters and rec skaters alike. Tested for 7 years, they are now the top selling bearing. Ceramics are the way to go, and go faster.

Ceramics race balls are a little lighter and a lot faster. Very smooth rolling. Ceramics dispense heat more efficiently , thus keep rolling fast on long skates. Heat is a problem with steel bearings. The price is great compared to other ceramic bearings. Only $8 per bearings. Normally ceramics are around $12 per bearings. Adamsinline has been able to keep the price down by dealing with the factory direct to make bearings just for Adam's Inline company. 

Lube with Adams lube on this site. Another skate lubes are fine too. 

 The outer seal is metal, thus no need to remove for cleaning. Clean with seal on, back side is missing for easy cleaning. Bearings do not need to be taken part to clean. clean like normal bearings.  

Race Tip: Ceramics: Use these for race or training. Open on one side for easy cleaning. oil with TK jell

Hammer test showing how hard these are.