Powerslide carbon frame 4x110

Race Tip from Adam: I have seen alot of frames, but have not seen anything like this one. The lightest frame i have ever tested. 4.3 OZ or 124 grams for 4x110. The carbon is layed thick which is great for strength and reducing vibtration. Great for rough roads, less shock up the back, and a bit of a flex to help speed. Flex is good, the new wheels on the market have great flex too. large thick bearing mounting pads, this is good. Axles specialy made long to fit in the thick carbon and bit good. 

Now for what they say about it.:

Carbon fiber has been used for inline skating frames since the mid-1990's. Over the past years as carbon fiber development has moved forward many applications that used to be made with metals such as aluminium are now being made with Carbon fiber. Our frame uses a sandwhich construction of carbon fiber and foam under a license agreement with K2 Corporation. This form allows us to maintain a super stiff structure, but with added benefit of vibration managment. A frame made from Carbon Fiber naturally becomes lighter than a frame made of some metals, but it wasn't our goal to make the lightest frame. We wanted to make the right frame.

Size: 4x110mm | 13,2" (335mm)

Weight: 150g (+/-5%)

Deck height front: 108mm

Deck height rear: 119mm


3k Carbon fiber, moulded to perfection, 'sandwich' construction using injected foam. Aluminium axels and busches.