Ezeefit Rain guards

Rain guards by Ezeefit. $20 per pair, small/med 7-11 , large 12-15

Made of stretchable PVC coated knit fabric, these are great at keeping the elements at bay. They fit snugly over your boot, with an elastic top that keeps out the elements and a velcro strap underneath to keep them in place, even in the toughest conditions. Simply put the cover on before putting on your boot, then pull it over the toe and secure underneath the frame with the velcro strap. Designed in three sewn pieces so they contour nicely over any racing boot. Great in the rain and serves as a wind break on chilly days.

Race Tip: These work very good in poring rain, or just to keep your feet warm by keeping the cold air out. Can be used for those 40 degree dry days too. Keeps out just enough cold.

Bikers: These can be used on bike boots too,.  


Fits Mens 5 to 10
(lowcut speedskate)

Fits Mens 10.5 to 13
(lowcut speedskate) 

Great for outdoor ice long track too, or for aerodynamics on ice speed. 




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