luigino BOLT Custom color boot

5 week delivery time


Bolt features Pro-E sole integrated technology which allows the foot to relax into the boot rather than sit ‘on top’ of the sole. Pro-E soles boosts performance through comfort and support, providing additional support through the bottom of the foot and not relying only on ankle support. Pro-E soles will reduce shin problems and foot cramping.

Pro-E-Sole represents the first-ever advancement in inline  boot design to incorporate an 'anatomically correct' sole into the bed of the foot.

Luigino is continually pushing the boundaries of boot design in order to provide the skater a product that improves performance and offers maximum comfort. With the introduction of Pro-E-Sole, it does just that!

This evolutionary design is not your ordinary sole. Whether it is a removable insole or incorporated into the product design, Pro-E positions your foot properly, giving you unprecedented control and comfort.


The ordinary sole of your average skate boot is flat, providing at best, a slight arch and toe-rise. Pro-E brings you a true contoured foot bed providing the comfort and support that your foot needs and deserves when under the stress and physical demands of skating. This is especialy true if you are skating for long periods at a time, frequently, or at a high level for extended periods. 

Pro-E relaxes the foot, allowing it to make more contact with the sole. This additional contact provides added support, stability and comfort. Pro-E will help to relieve shin pain, provide greater comfort during extended periods of skating and ultimately, may help to prolong your overall skating career.

Pro-E-Sole, just another way Luigino is driving innovation and bringing greater peace of mind.

165mm mount Sizes 12j/30 – 5/37
195mm mount Sizes 6/38 – 14/46 ª Slide Mounting (Horizontal)

• AquaTech
• ProBack
• Microfiber lining
Pro-E soles
• Waxed laces
• Luigino Nano buckle
• High-density sole padding
• 100% Carbon fiber
• Vertical mounting slots
• Poron ankle padding
• Sizes: 4/36 - 14/46