luigino sting boot

Sting is the most economical, high-performance shoe that money can buy. Whether you’re skating indoors, outdoors, marathons or recreation, Luigino Sting offers all the performance and comfort to ensure you achieve your goals.

Sting is designed with an open toe box, allowing the laces to adjust the upper, making it snug around your foot for more control and comfort. Sting’s ankle Powerstraps keep the heel-cup in position to ensure a prolonged and overall better fit of the shoe.

165mm mount Sizes 12j/30 – 5/37
195mm mount Sizes 6/38 – 13/45 ª Slide Mounting (Horizontal)

• AquaTech
• ProBack
• Microfiber lining
• Thermafiber
• Waxed laces
• Luigino Nano buckle
• High-density sole padding
• Vertical mounting slots
• Closed-cell ankle padding
• Sizes: 12/30-15/47