Powerslide 3x125mm 12.6 165mm Short Mount

Now you can use your old short mount 165mm (6.5 inch) spacing boot and add a 3x125mm frame on them. 

Finally the 125mm are finally in stock . 3x125mm is a great idea. The initial response from the inline skating community is that 3x125  are have super roll/glide and benefit greatly skating UP hill. Wow! that is huge. These fit any 2point 165mm boots but the bont 3point 165mm setups. 


12.4 length , 230 grams, 8.3 oz.  3x125  165/195 mounts 

Adams  Tip:  This is a largest upgrade for inline speed skating since 4x100 beat out 5/84mm setups. A bit higher in profile than standard 4x110 setups, but lighter faster and better up hills. Huge upgrade.  Very good idea,