powerslide Skate bag

Let the world know of your love to skate with the Powerslide We Love to Skate Backpack.  Constructed with optimal storage and maximum confort. this backpack features a padded back panel, adjustable shoulder straps, two side pockets, two front pockets, a mesh pocket on inside the main pouch, and the ability to carry your skates on each side on the back.

Able to cary all inline skates, including speed skates.

  • Model: 907011
  • Able to carry speed skates even at 3x125mm
  • Volume: 9.5 gallons
  • Weight: approx 2.75lbs
  • Size: Length / Width / Depth, in inches
    • 18.9 / 13 / 6.3

Race Tip: These work great for plains trips, large areas that expland well. open side zippers to put bottom part of frame/wheels in. then the two straps hold the boot in. 




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