Welcome new Skater Peyton Wendt.

Peyton skated his first half marathon at NorthShore in 2021 and took 3rd overall for the men. In 2022, he skated his first full marathon at Apostle Islands in the pro mens division, taking 4th place. He skated  Grand Forks and took second place. He skated North Shore and took 7th in the pro mens open. 2023, he took 3rd at Apostle Islands. North Shore, he took 1st in his age group and 17th over all in the mens division. He also skates indoors during the winter months. He has also completed internationally for track skating.


Elias Hendrickson win Saint Paul 1/2 marathon. June 2023. 


Rain race, Kelin Dunfee wins on Adams Full Ceramic bearings. 


Kelin Dunfee winning Saint Paul 1/2 marathon in record time on Adam's Full Ceramic Bearings.


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