Welcome to  Adamsinline.com, from the owner Adam Bradley. 

I have owned adamsinline.com since June 1998.  My interest in speed has propelled my team to tops in the nation. 

In order to stay on top of the inline skating industry , my team has poured many hours into testing equipment. The test team does a great job of testing new wheels and bearing in all conditions. As well as boots , frames, apparel. In order to stay on top of the speed skating market, you must know your equipment and what is does in ALL conditions. Im very proud of what my team does.

Team Captains  Tom Peterson and Kelin Dunfee: 

Team Captain Tom Peterson: "Skater on Adam's Team"

Tommy is a veteran Pro Marathon Skater and accomplished Summer Inline Series (400 meter long track) Cat 1 competitor. The highlight of his 2013 season, was the Metrodome Inline Marathon Team Time Trial (TTT), representing Adams inline/ Twin Cam  Team, Tommy helped set a new course record (1:08:54) that resulted in a 1st place finish. Tommy also competed in the below listed 2013 events.

Apostle  Inline Marathon -  2nd place Pro veteran

Minnesota ½ Marathon - 3rd Place Pro Veteran   

Chicagoland Inline Marathon/ Tour – 4th Place Elite Masters Marathon/ Tour

Northshore Inline Marathon – 9th place Masters Elite

NYC 100K – 11th Place Overall

7th Overall Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Points Series

Tommy also is a recreational running series competitor. In 2012, Tommy competed in the Twin Cities Marathon and finished 8th Overall in the Masters Division with a time of 2:49:46. In 2013, Tommy competed in the Minnesota Running series and was 3rd Overall male.


Team Captain Kelin Dunfee: "Skater on Adam's Team".

Only midwest skater, or even northern part of USA, that has skated a sub 60 min marathon. Wow, 59 min at Northshore. Very proud of this skater. 

First place Saint paul 1/2 marathon. Saint Paul MN

First place Roll for the roses. Roseville MN

First place Rollin on the river, Grand Forks ND


 Peyton Wendt: "Skater on Adam's Team". 

Peyton skated his first half marathon at NorthShore in 2021 and took 3rd overall for the men. In 2022, he skated his first full marathon at Apostle Islands in the pro mens division, taking 4th place. He skated  Grand Forks and took second place. He skated North Shore and took 7th in the pro mens open. 2023, he took 3rd at Apostle Islands. North Shore, he took 1st in his age group and 17th over all in the mens division. He also skates indoors during the winter months. He has also completed internationally for track skating.


David Sarmiento : "Skater on Adam's Team" and a good friend 

David has been midwest's top inline speed skater for years, and now lives back in Columbia, His legacy of consistent single handed wins can not be matched. Several NROC (National roller Cup) second place only to Joey Mantia. David is a Columbia skater with many national titles in 200 meter track. Coach and teacher.


Adam  Groven - Junior Skater   "Skater on Adam's Team"

Adam is an Ice Speed skater on Midway club at Roseville Oval. Adam also skates in the wed night races at the oval. I noticed his drive and huge potential. Look for great future here. Great job Adam. 



Wheelin Willy: "Skater on Adam's Team"


Jesse Peterson - Junior Skater   "Skater on Adam's Team"

In 2013, Jesse was officially added as a Team member of Adams inline. Jesse is the son of accomplished Pro Skaters Kara and Tommy Peterson. For the past 3-years,  Jesse has competed in the Summer Inline Series (400-meter long track) and was the series points leader in his age division. In his 2013 season debut,  Jesse successfully represented Adams inline at the below listed events:

Metrodome ½ Marathon – 16th Overall

Apostle Island Mad Fun Skate – 1st Overall

Chicago Inline ½ Marathon – Time 57:44

Duluth Inline ½ Marathon – 2nd Age Division

NYC ½ Marathon – Finished no time available or age division results



Melissa Dahlmann: "Skater on Adam's Team"

Melissa  comes from a long track ice background. Melissa is a smooth inline skater as well as a track skater 800 meter and has come on strong in  inline the last few years. Many first and second place finishes all over the country. Melissa also holds a world record in 5000 meter for her age class on ice 7:41 Wow!. Melissa also holds the overall 10K meter record at the WI pettit center 15:49




Elias Hendrickson: "Skater on Adam's Team"

Under the training from Tom Peterson and Kelin Dunfee, Elias has emerged as a top skater finishing MN 1/2 marathon in record time. Ice skater, with great track skating form. 

Hanna Hendrickson: "Skater on Adam's Team"

Hendrickson family has great skaters. Hanna is new to the team in 2016 and has great team leaders to help her. Ice skater as well, has very good form.  Good luck this year.

Rollin on the River Inline Marathon 2015: Women's 2nd place over all. 1 hour 15 min 23 sec.

Northshore Inline Marathon 2015: Women's advanced 1st place. 1 hour 21 min 22 sec.

 6th pro women NSIM 2016


Emma Hendrickson: "Skater on Adam's Team"

Wife of Elias, Emma just came on the team in 2020. She has added lots of energy to the team. We hope to see her in the races to come, if we have any left in 2020


David Swan:   "Skater on Adam's Fit-For-Speed Team"


Mike Dahms: "Skater on Adam's Team"

I have learned to respect Mike's view for up coming trends in speed skating. Mike has a detail insight on equipment and has tested most all my equipment before its gores on Adamsinline.com on my site. Mike skates in as many races as he can. I find us skating together in most races. Mike is a dear friend of mine. Gives great advice. Glad to have him on the team,