Hybrid #1 Bont Z - CARBON 125mm

From Adam, owner of Adam's inline. 


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SAVE $100-$200 on this Carbon package deal.  

weight :  2lb 10oz for size 41 bont. very light weight. 

"Adam's  Hybrid line of speed skates are geared toward what the pro's are using and winning on. To maximize speed and performance many inline speedskating pro's mix brand names into their speed skates. This is just one of  the most popular Hybrid combo packages we have noticed the pro's using. All packages are using Bont's Z boot the best boot we can find and Adam's #1 3x125 carbon light weight frame. We have done the work for you, these are the top packages".



  • THE BOOT, Bont Z: 

If you think all speed boots are the same, it’s time you took a look at the new Bont Z Skate. This skate gives you the stiffness and ultra light weight that you would find in an $800 boot for a fraction of the cost. The Z is made with a 3k plain weave carbon fiber composite base. The carbon is sourced exclusively from the world’s #1 carbon manufacturer, Toray in Japan. In the front, air vents pump air into the boot which are built into the TPU protective bumper.

Getting the right fit is essential for comfort and performance. The Z skate starts out being built around a last that has been modified and improved for over 35 years by Mr. Inze Bont. The epoxy resin is the most heat moldable in the industry. Under the liner is a high quality memory foam that is 3mm thick and 50A in hardness so your energy doesn’t get absorbed by the boot.

The tongue on the Z has been redesigned so you don’t even feel it. It is comfortable and light.

With the Z, you get the best of everything and for a very affordable price.

  • Carbon composite base 85% carbon, 15% fiberglass
  • Epoxy resin
  • TPU toe bumper
  • Air vents including mesh
  • Microfiber liner
  • Microadjustable buckle
  • Hand made monocoque construction
  • EVA innersole
  • Heat moldable tongue
  • Waxed laces
  • Lace cover
  • EO lightest frame known, 5 oz  carbon 3x125
  • Matter 125mm wheels
  • Bearing Upgrade options (Adam's Swiss Standard, Adam's Standard Ceramic upgrade, Adam's Full ceramic upgrade )


  • THE FRAME: EO CARBON frame 5oz  142 grams


  • THE WHEEL; matter 125mm wheels


  •  THE BEARINGS: Swiss, Ceramic, Full ceramic.

Swiss:Ceramic Full Ceramic

Size chart (Us, Euro, foot size in millimeters)

NOTE: A good conversion from your shoe size is to buy Bont boots  one whole US shoe size smaller than your standard shoe.

4 36 232
4.5 36.5 235
5 37 237
5.5 37.5 242
6 38 247
6.5 38.5 250
7 39 257
7.5 40 264
8 41 271
9 42 280
9.5 43 287
10 44 292
10.5 45 296
11 46 300
11.5 47 304
12 48 308
12.5 49 313
13 50 316
13.5 51 320


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