Tenderguard blister protection pads.

These 4'' X6'' pads are great for blister. They cool and comfort the blisters by providing a surface for the blister to rest. Like jello, these pads allow the top part of the pad to move without the bottom moving. There is no rubbing directly on the blister, and the top of it is allowed to move with your foot. Must tape the pad to your foot, use hockey tape or medical tape. Does not matter which side of the tenderguard is used. Can re-use as many times as you can. Just peel off tape and put back on after a shower. Or just leave on in the shower, water has no effect on pad. 

Race Tip: On long events like Athen to Atlanta, cover the whole back side of each foot with one pad. This will eliminate future blisters that WILL HAPPEN during the 86 mile event. 

Race Tip: Runners love this too, if you already have a blister or are running in any ultra races, you will need these. just use med. tape to apply pad to feet.