8- 100mm/86a no prints, 16 Adams Swiss bearings. FREE wheel bag.

Top low priced combo deal:


8- 100mm wheels for inline race or training. Great compound very fast. Huge rebound and speed on these wheels. They also stick to pavement , no slip or scrub out during a hard push. These no prints are priced low since they missed the printing process. Great deal.    

16- Adam's Swiss bearings are very well made Swiss speed bearings. Made to last, these Swiss bearings have wide bearing mounting pads. Accurate pads are a must for today's skate frames. Skate frames have a wide range of mounting pads, most are just a little off balance. The inner race on the bearings is wide enough to fit most any. Use them for years if kept clean. For race and training. clean like any other bearings. Mineral spirits or other cleaners are fine.  


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