Adams SWISS Bearings


USE coupon code "swiss15" to get 15% off Adams #1 Swiss bearings. Top Swiss bearing on the market. 

Price is per bearings 



Adams inline Swiss size 608 , $3 per bearing, $48 set of 16 

Northshore Inline marathon in deal : If you ship these bearings to the Northshore inline marathon EXPO on sept 12th 2014, you will get these for 1/2 off if you order 8 or more wheels with the order. Orders must ship to expo for FREE ship for your to get this deal. Use drop down box and select how many sets you want for $24/set of 16, 

Adam's Swiss bearings are very well made Swiss speed bearings. Made to last, these Swiss bearings have wide bearing mounting pads. Accurate pads are a must for today's skate frames. Skate frames have a wide range of mounting pads, most are just a little off balance. The inner race on the bearings is wide enough to fit most any. Use them for years if kept clean. For race and training. clean like any other bearings. Mineral spirits or other cleaners are fine.  

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