luigino pilot striker frames


Whether it's group skates, sole sessions, indoor racing or marathons... Striker gives you the confidence to take it to the next level. Striker's lightweight and comfortable design comes courtesy of its premium 6000-T6 heat-treated aircraft aluminum.

Sizes Available:
• 10.6 | 4X184 150/165 mount (173g)
deck height rear= 59mm / deck height front= 48mm 

• 11.6 | 4X90 165/195 mount (202g)
deck height rear= 61mm / deck height front= 50mm

• 13.2 | 4X110 195 mount (216g)
deck height rear= 62mm / deck height front= 51mm

*Note: Frame weights w/o axles. Deck heights w/o wheels.