Bont CXXV 3x125mm frames

The CXXV's perfect flex control is your secret weapon. A frame that is too stiff skips across the road at the end of the push. A frame that is too soft will feel mushy and slow. The CXXV has the perfect amount of flex for maximum control.


35 years on from Mr. Inze Bont's first frame design and Bont is still setting the design trends. The CXXV features a unique two tone color scheme that will set it apart from the crowd.


Team Testing

Bont has pro teams all over the globe and our teams include many of the best skaters in the world. We have used them to fine tune the frame on a variety of surfaces over an 18 month period


Model CXXV
Mounting 2 Point 195mm
Length 12.8”
Deck Height(center axle to top of frame) Front 59.5mm Rear 70.5mm
Weight 219g
Made in Taiwan