Bont wedgies.  

Bonts wedgies. If you find you are pronating, "your ankles tilt to the inside" then these will help you. 8 in a pack, try putting 2 or 3 under each frame bolt. they are thicker on one side. Stack them like lego's thicker on same side. For pronation "your ankles tilt to the inside", stick the thicker side to the outside of skates. This will tilt your frame to the inside , thus forcing your ankles out.

Carbon Wedgies interlock into each other They are 1 mm thick. You can lock them together to form a wedge to tilt you blade or frame or you can reverse them to form a solid block.


Hint: Some skaters like these even though they do not have a pronation problem. Wedgies sets the frames at a angle this lets the skaters underpush easier .

Race Tip: Now there are 12 packs for 3point setups. 8 packs are for 2point setups, 2point means the frames mounts to the boot in 2 spots.

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